01/06/2023 - Polmon [pôl'mon] is a ground-breaking control machinery developed by Euroventilatori that measures and verifies the performing features, ensuring the quality and the respect of the efficiency standards. It's an innovative service that scientifically tests the industrial fans, the development compliance and operating principles. Polmon it’s about a complex technological station, that tests every type of industrial fan. It has been conceived for certifying the value and the quality of Euroventilatori's products as well as to expand the customer services. We imagined this machine like an actual "lung" that channels the air, breathes and creates valuable processes for our customers. We aim to provide you with a fine quality product, safe, and up to the declared and designed performances.

  • Certified quality.
  • Pressure from -2.500 Pa to +10.000 Pa.
  • Air flow up to 120.000 m3/h.


10/05/2023 - In recent years Euroventilatori has embarked on an important transformation process, tracing a new evolutionary path in terms of development, improvement and growth. For this reason, the company has decided to summarize this renewed commitment with a new graphic symbol.

Innovative, iconic and future-oriented: Euroventilatori's new visual identity pays homage to the company's history, expressing a design capable of embodying the international spirit of the organization and the predilection for continuous improvement that has always distinguished our reality.

The new Euroventilatori logo is therefore the combination of tradition and innovation: a perfect synthesis for a company that has always used its values as a basis on which to build its future.


28/03/2023 - On 24 March, the CEO of Euroventilatori Michele Carlotto was a guest of the Europa dei Giovani, a conference on the future of Vicenza entrepreneurs within the European Union organized by OGEP (Youth Observatory of Economics and Professions), which unites various youth sections of the trade associations in the Vicenza area.


28/02/2023 - Welding, one of the fundamental topics of Euroventilatori's continuous training programme, was the protagonist of an advanced course dedicated to the company's technicians and operators. On February 9, Federico Corona, professor at the Caldogno Higher School of Welding and Control, focused on the theoretical aspects and practical examples of this particular metalworking: a full immersion update that allows Euroventilatori to maintain the quality standards at the highest levels.


27/01/2023 - 55 thousand euros to support employees against price increases and inflation. This is the commitment Euroventilatori put in place in December for its 86 employees. On the basis of attendance results and the achievement of production targets, personnel received shopping vouchers, fuel vouchers and other company welfare services.

«With this incentive system – explains the CEO Michele Carlotto – we want to reward the commitment of our workers which is allowing us to achieve highly relevant production and economic results. In a historical moment weighed down by an unfavorable economic situation, we wanted to translate this desire into concrete aid, that is, able to be immediately effective in everyday life».


19/12/2022 - Since 1981, Euroventilatori has been taking care of industrial air. All over the world, we are alongside workers, helping to ensure reliable and safe production processes.
Merry Christmas!


10/11/2022 - Euroventilatori presents a new free online training course dedicated to Atex fans.

Divided into two parts and illustrated by Stefano Sartori, Euroventilatori Industrial Fan Expert, the video is ideal for understanding specific regulations required by the sector and discovering precise design and assembly rules for work by the book. Enjoy!


01/03/2022 - Discover the characteristics of an experience created to satisfy reply times to customer requests. Please check it out our lean process developed in collaboration with Auxiell:


03/02/2022 - Our APRFD is a two-stage fan with 800 mm diameter impeller, capable of really high pressure values despite a very compact size. Two identical fans are driven by the same electrical motor thanks to double shaft ends. In this way the same air flow gets two stages of compressions.
These features make it the best solution for pneumatic transport, fabric processing, chemical and steel industry, and generally all those applications that need very high pressure and low airflow.


30/11/2021 -On November 15th, in the prestigious setting of the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Euroventilatori received the ItalyPost Study Center award for achieving above-average performance between 2017 and 2019. The certificate was intended for Vicenza's companies that have produced profits and demonstrated particular financial strength during the last three years. In particular, in the case of Euroventilatori, the Ebitda index was equal to 31.68%, with a rating that has reached the AA standard of excellence.
«Receiving this award is a great honor», stated Michele Carlotto, CEO of Euroventilatori, «especially during such a period in which the difficulties due to Covid19 have led to unexpected criticalities. What I consider most important is that, once again, the financial solidity along with the new vision and the strategic plan of our company allow us to face the future with enthusiasm, therefore we are ready to turn all the new projects we are working on into reality».
In the picture: Tiziana Bisognin (Purchasing Manager), Michele Carlotto (CEO), Marco Galiotto (Technical Department Manager).


29/10/2021 - After a forced stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in Euroventilatori we are finally returning to full normality: to show this accomplishment, we would like to mention our participation in the International Exhibition in Istanbul, organized in the Turkish capital between the 30th of September and the 2nd of October. A special thanks goes out to all the people who visited our stand during that period, see you again in a few months, when we will be able to meet at various international fairs taking place in 2022.


28/09/2021 - On the occasion of the company's fortieth anniversary, Euroventilatori hosted a meeting dedicated to the industrial future of businesses in the Veneto region. Valter Giuseppe Peretti, together with Michele Carlotto, President and Managing Director of Euroventilatori, welcomed numerous guests in the headquarters of San Pietro Mussolino: Gabriele Tasso (Mayor of San Pietro Mussolino), Francesco Rucco (President of the Province of Vicenza), Laura Dalla Vecchia (President of Confindustria Vicenza), Nicola Finco (Vice President of the Veneto Regional Council), Roberto Marcato (Councilor for Economic Development and Energy of the Veneto Region), Giuseppe Caldiera, (CUOA Business School Managing Director). The conference sought to provide a projection on the industrial challenges to be tackled together in the near future.


26/08/2021 - Our Research and Development department in Euroventilatori allows us to adapt our products to the most complex needs, for example by equipping our machines with special insulation and soundproofing options.


26/07/2021 - The Covid 19 Pandemic has had a very negative impact also for non-professional sports, placing smaller clubs in great difficulty. For this reason Euroventilatori has reconfirmed, for another year, its historic commitment supporting sports and in particular Atletica Vicentina.

In the picture: Michele Carlotto (CEO of Euroventilatori), the athletes Rebecca Lonedo and Ottavia Cestonaro, Barbara Lah (President of Atletica Vicentina) e Christian Belloni (Sales Manager of Euroventilatori).

Find out more:


21/06/2021 - During the month of May Euroventilatori hosted students enrolled in the CUOA Business School Masters Degree in Lean Management for a day, organized in collaboration with auxiell and dedicated to the discovery of Lean knowledge and specifically the 5S Technique.The event was held under the guidance of Francesco Culos, Partner & Account Relationship Leader of Auxiell and was dedicated to the narration regarding Lean transformation through practical experiences of Euroventilatori, which in recent months has improved its business processes in a perspective of constant improvement and a strong focus on creating value for the customer.
«This day dedicated to discussion and mutual learning – clarified Michele Carlotto, CEO of Euroventilatori – gave us the opportunity to illustrate our company and the great productive and organizational work we implemented during 2021 to improve our processes. It was a real pleasure to create relationships with managers and professionals who share our same passionate interest in opportunities provided by innovative improvement approaches, just like the Lean System».


31/05/2021 - A message from the Chairman of the Board, dr. Giuseppe Valter Peretti, on the company's 40th Anniversary: «In 2021 Euroventilatori celebrates 40 years of activity: a goal achieved thanks to the trust that our customers has given us over time and the constant commitment of individuals who have accompanied us over years. It is an important milestone, which we will celebrate together with our customers, friends and colleagues in September. But it represents another step of our journey: we look forward to future challenges».


01/04/2021 - Following approval of the financial statements, Michele Carlotto, CEO of Euroventilatori International S.r.l., commented on the results achieved by the company in a difficult year such as 2020:
«I am very proud of the commitment and sense of responsibility shown in these circumstances by all our collaborators. The first half of 2020 saw a temporary interruption of our growth process due to the pandemic. However, 2020 confirmed the great value of our products and the strong relationship built with our customers: this year we want to keep on growing, taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by digital technology. Recent positive trends in all markets, combined with our strong financial statement and position, allow us to look to the future with great confidence».

Euroventilatori completes another demanding challenge.

02/03/2021 - The new EUK series continues to grow with these two EUK 1601s with 250kW motors that will be used for the production of rock-wool in Uzbekistan. The initial requirement was to find a technological solution capable of ensuring high performance in a particularly demanding industrial context. Our answer is EUK 1601: the result of our commitment to provide solutions for out of the ordinary projects.


15/02/2021 - On 10 February, Euroventilatori had the pleasure of hosting the representatives of the LILT of Vicenza, the Italian League for cancer research, an association strongly committed to supporting the local area in terms of information, prevention and early diagnosis. On this special occasion, the Vice President of LILT Vicenza Giuseppe Galvanin – accompanied by Graziella Mistrorigo and Lucia Lobba – presented a plaque to Michele Carlotto, CEO of Euroventilatori, thanking him «for the contribution received by the company in supporting the activities of the association».

«In December - claimed Michele Carlotto - we decided to support the LILT of Vicenza. In a very difficult global situation from a social and economic point of view, the service they provide is particularly valuable, because it is aimed at promoting cancer prevention and supporting individuals and families. Our thanks go to every one of them for a continuous commitment, carried out daily thanks to the availability and care of so many volunteers ».

EUK: new, different, unique

19/01/2021 EUK a new series of fans designed to combine efficiency and versatility. The fan merge high impeller efficiency - made with special profile backward blades - with suction of flowing dust particles or fluids containing small and medium-sized grainy materials. The EUK absorbed power curve is flat, preventing the installed electrical motor to overload even during operation with free inlet and outlet. A new series, new goals.

Expocomfort 2018

Euroventilatori International - Expocomfort 2018 Milano

01/03/2018 - Please note that we will exhibit at the "MCE 2018" which is held in RHO Milan from 13th to 16th of March 2018.

Our Stand is No. G20 – F13 in Hall 24, where you can find some of our products and our technicians are at your complete disposal for any type of doubt or questions you may have.

Come and visit us!

The new LiveCurve is online: now compatible with all browsers, for tablets too!

LiveCurve HTML5 iPad

10/06/2016 - New Technology, even more powerful and versatile. LiveCurve, the best simulation of aeraulic curves in the market, develops according to users requests and to technological progress which involves browsers, plug-ins, computers and mobile devices.

Livecurve is the interactive service which allows you to choose the industrial fan with the best performances for your own needs and specific conditions of use.

In particular, you will be able to use LiveCurve from any browser and wherever you are, thanks to its compatibility with tablets.

Thanks to HTML5 technology, you will be able to display the new LiveCurve also from browsers, as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, which do not support plug-ins as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight anymore.

This is an absolute innovation that kept us working hard on it for very long and that required a very big effort of reengineering, which the team of Interplanet/In Risalto was in charge of, in cooperation with our engineers.

LiveCurve is actually one of a kind by Euroventilatori and it has no equal in the field of industrial fans: we invite you to register by clicking "Login to the Restricted Area" on the top and try it yourself.

If you already have LiveCurve access credentials, you can use them again to enter the system: you won’t need new credentials to access.

If you haven’t LiveCurve access credentials instead, only for the first time you enter you will need to register. Once you have registered, you will be able to enter the restricted area and then to access to the research system: the platform allows you to select the features of your fan and to enter the values of pressure an air flow you are interested in.

According to these parameters, the search system returns a list of the best performing models for your own needs: furthermore, the performances of the chosen fans are represented in real time in an interactive Cartesian graph.

We would also like to remind you that on Euroventilatori Youtube Channel you can find video tutorials both in Italian and in English that will explain all Livecurve features.

We would really appreciate your opinion about the latest version of LiveCurve: we therefore kindly invite you to take a look and try it and write your impressions at

Euroventilatori International at BIAM 2016 fair - Zagreb

Or stand at BIAM 2016 in Zagreb

19/04/2016 - Euroventilatori International is present to another important event of his industry: the BIAM fair of Zagreb, that take place from 19th to 22th of April 2016. Our products are exposed in the Hall 8a, Booth n.2. Here you can find our technicians that are at your disposal for any specific need.

Our staff at BIAM 2016 in Zagreb

BIAM is the international machine tool and tools fair, a space for the exposure of the best technologies in the field of industrial machinery, machine components, industrial robots, transportation and material handling systems and many more for metal, timber and plastics processing.

International Metal Fair ZEPS Intermetal 2015 Partecipation - Zenica

International Metal Fair ZEPS Intermetal 2015 Partecipation

Euroventilatori International is always careful to the research and the continuous updating in its sector.
For this we are pleased to inform that Euroventilatori International, together with its partner Evroskop, will take part to the 12th International Metal Fair ZEPS Intermetal, renowned event to be held in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fair

The Fair will be held from 6th to 10th October 2015, at the venue Kamberovića polje.
During the event will be assessed the current state of the metal industry.
Forum of Metal Industry will be organized during the fair, with the goal of send a clear signal to the administrative and legislative bodies, from business and the scientific community in the field, in order to improve the environment in which the companies acts.

Using LiveCurve with Google Chrome

Video Tutorial LiveCurve - Industrial Fans Software

May 2015 - Google Chrome, the popular browser made by Google, has released a recent update that prevents the automatic execution of the plugin Silverlight, actually preventing the visualization of LiveCurve, the interactive system for the selection of centrifugal and axial industrial fans built by Euroventilatori. The drawback is easily overcome thanks to a quick procedure, that will we are describing below and which is also shown in this video.

Using LiveCurve with Google Chrome: Read more

Introducing LiveCurve.

Introducing LiveCurve

09/03/2015 - New video tutorials, new search, new functions. Euroventilatori's LiveCurve, the top digital simulation of airflow/pressure curves, gets a major update. The new search capabilities allows to instantly compare the curves of several industrial fans, speeding up the entire process. The new video tutorials, available in English and Italian language, are available at this link:

Euroventilatori YouTube Channel

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website

03/11/2014 - New design, new framework, new contents: the new website of Euroventilatori is on-line. Innovating is part of our DNA, not only with regard to the product: communicating with our followers is important and we want to do it best. The design of the new website starts from here, from the need to get our story across in a new way and to help the user to find the information he is most interested in. Have you already entered the LiveCurve page? We present the best simulation of aerolic curves in the market, another project signed by Euroventilatori. We leave the rest it all to you.

Happy surfing!

TEHNOMA 2014 Fair Partecipation - Skopje

TEHNOMA 2014 Fair Partecipation - Skopje

Euroventilatori, together with its partner Evroskop, has participated in TEHNOMA, International Metallurgy, Electronics, Nonmetals and Construction Trade Fair. The event was held in Skopje, Macedonia, fromth to 18th of October.

ISK SODEX 2014 Fair Partecipation - Istanbul

ISK SODEX 2014 Fair Partecipation

Please note that we are now exhibiting at the ISK SODEX 2014 which is held in Istanbul Expo Centre until Saturday 10/05/2014. Our Stand is No. A21 in Hall 4, where you can find some of our products and our technicians are at your complete disposal for any type of doubt or questions you may have.

Come and visit us!

Expocomfort 2014 Trade Fair Partecipation - Milano

Expocomfort 2014 Trade Fair Partecipation

Please note that we are now exhibiting at the "MCE 2014" which is held in RHO Milan until Friday 21/03/2014. Our Stand is No. G61 - H56 in Hall 22, where you can find some of our products and our technicians are at your complete disposal for any type of doubt or questions you may have.

Come and visit us!