Low-pressure centrifugal fan. Impeller with blades curved forward. Belt drive.

Low-pressure centrifugal fan. Impeller with blades curved forward. Belt drive.
Air flow
V = 1.680÷96.000 m3/h
Pt = 34÷175 kgf/m2

Use: the high output centrifugal fans of this series are suitable for the suction of clean or plants slightly dusty air in civil and industrial air conditioning.
In particular plants for:
Ventilation: stables, mines. tunnels.
Suction: vitiated air, welding fumes, vapours from solvent tanks and spraying booths.
Aeration: storage bins, sheds.
Cooling: plastic materials, cloths, glass sheets.
Drying: fodder, cereals, papers, varnishes, wood.
Elimination: fumes and toxic gas.

This series is also used where it is necessary to transport air with maximum temperature of 90°C with low pressure. For temperatures of the transported fluid higher than 90°C up to 350°C a small heat stopping fan is splined to the shaft between support and scroll; besides the fan is painted with a special aluminium paint suitable for high temperatures.

ErP: these fans are covered by Directive 2009/125/EC. This law does not apply in the following cases:
- Operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
- Operation with high temperatures (fans designed with cooling fan)
- Operation with temperatures below -40°C
- Working in toxic, corrosive or abrasive enviroments (use of material such as AISI 304, AISI 316, manganese steels).
These series are centrifugal forward curved fans and therefore expected Ntarget = 42 (Reg. UE N.327/2011).
ErP calculations take into account efficiency IE2 motors conforming to IEC 60034-30.

Air flow -m3/min
Inlet pressure -kg/m2
Outlet pressure -kg/m2
Engine installed -poles
Installed power KW
Rotation speed round/min
Limit speed round/min
Fluid type
Inlet flange mm
Outlet flange xmm
Weight without engine Kg
GD2 Kgm2

General notes: