Industrial fans

Prodotti Ventilatori Industriali | Euroventilatori International Srl

What makes our fans the best in the market? The combination of high performance, time endurance and guaranteed safety.

Our machines are the result of constant technological research, focused on innovation and, above all, on those technical and building features that grant a quality standard unchanged over time. Let’s talk about safety: the documents provided with each fan comply with the requirements of the machinery directive 89/392/CEE, therefore all fans are marked "CE".

The fans in the catalog, both the radial and the axis ones, are mainly designed for the industrial field of carpentries, glass factories, tanneries, paper mills, flourmills, brick factories, textile factories, agriculture, etc. The capacity of our machines ranges from 120 to 270,000 m³/h of air with pressure from 5 to 5,000 kgf/m² and applied power from 0.18 to 500 kw. These figures convey the idea of how big is our machinery production: we currently produce 25,000 machines each year.

The fans in the catalog include machines with rotor diameter ranging from 160 to 1,600 mm. For non-standard diameters up to 2,000 mm, the series are available with double intake for large air volumes, with special paddles for thready material and with double stage for very high pressures. Of course, the are customized solutions, designed specifically to meet the need of our clients.